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On-demand webinar: G Suite to Google Workspace

Hosted by Suitebriar & Google

Google has just released a formal transition plan for organizations leveraging legacy G Suite. Watch this 30-minute webinar to learn how the transition from G Suite to Google Workspace may impact your organization. 


  • What is Google Workspace

    •  How does it differ from G Suite

    • New features (50 new features added since Oct 2020)

  • Transition Plan Overview

    • What does Auto Transition mean

    • Understanding the Seat Cap

      • User Management

  • Key Dates

  • Promotions/Discounts

  • Q&A

Meet You Presenters


Brenda Scolaro - Google - Google Workspace Specialist

Brenda has been supporting Google Workspace customers for the past two years, and has helped many customers make the transition from G Suite to Google Workspace. As a Google Workspace Account Manager, Brenda helps her customers solve their technology needs and get the most out of the platform.


Zach Mowen - Senior Account Manager, Suitebriar

Zach Mowen is a seasoned business advisor for companies looking to digitally transform their IT landscape with Google Cloud solutions.